Builders and Destroyers

Once upon a time, three people decided it was time to put their years of roleplaying experience to use. They created a utopian fantasy world, filled with all the wonders magic could produce. They imagined new races of people with distinct cultures. They wrote extensive historical backgrounds on each of the lands. They debated critical details, such as geography, government, meteorology and economics. Finally, they were happy with their world. Then they destroyed it. This became Desolation, a post-apocalyptic fantasy roleplaying game.

Not content with one world, they then went about creating 13 parallel worlds, 12 of which diverged from our modern world on Aug. 13, 2002. They filled those worlds with danger, intrigue and Nearsiders — people with special abilities who could travel between worlds. They created a unique Divergence Event for each world that triggered its split from our own world and set each world’s eventual apocalypse into motion. That’s right, at least 12 of the 13 worlds they created is now dying. This is Broken Rooms, a modern roleplaying game of parallel worlds.

What’s in a Name?

Greymalkin, an antiquated term for a gray cat, was the name of the familiar to the Three Witches in Act One of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Greymalkin Designs, LLC was founded by three people who hope to brew up some magic without all the tragedy of Macbeth.